Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen and their Kreation

I've always allowed the kids to help in the kitchen, but usually only if we are making a specific "thing", not just with standard dinner preparation. Want to make muffins or a salad together? Sure! Just help with dinner? Usually not.

This is partially because I am pretty selfish. I like to cook alone because I am faster that way, and when I am cooking, I am usually hungry! Momma wants to eat, so just let me get dinner on the table!

Lately, though, it's also because the babies need attention, and I can't cook and manage them (without them screaming) at the same time. So the big girls play with the babies while I make dinner.


Except, last week. Last week the big girls didn't want to watch the babies.

Fine. That was just fine with me. I was more than willing to take the day off while they made dinner. I would play with the babies. (And Daddy could pick something up for our dinner on the way home.)

We struck a deal. I would watch the babies, they would make their dinner. From scratch.

And eat it.

I stayed out of the kitchen and didn't really help at all (other than to show them how to turn the oven on.)

This was their creation:

"The Blob"
They call it a calzone.
See the cheese?
They paired their "calzone" with bananas and carrots with ranch dip.
Dinner is plated, about to eat!
And here were the results:

As much as they say they liked it, I will tell you that they couldn't hardly scrape it off the cookie sheet, they didn't save it for leftovers, and they have not asked to cook again!

(And JohnAndrew spit his out when he tried it.)

(It was pretty gross.)

Have you ever let your kids have free reign in the kitchen in hopes of teaching them a lesson?
Did it work?

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Eryka said...

Oh! That is too funny! Way to go, Mama! Teaching a life lesson. I like it. My mom let me cook dinner for her once--she was sick in bed that particular day. I was probably ten or eleven years old. It was a pork chop recipe and it called for 10 cloves of garlic or something like that. I didn't know how to peel garlic, and it took me about a half an hour to get "most" of the papers off. Then I misread the recipe and it called for half a teaspoon of salt, I put in 1/2 a tablespoon. Dinner was absolutely awful, but I had made it for my mom, and she lovingly ate it and reasured me it was really good.

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