Wednesday, May 02, 2012

PUMPED to be 5!

Last month (bad, belated blogger, I KNOW!), Anna turned 5!!!!

Her birthday fell on Easter, so it was an extra-special day for her. We took some special pictures of her in her Easter dress.

Anna is 5!

Little lady
When we got home, we opened presents from family (after going to a restaurant where she was shooting daggers at us with her eyes for having them "sing" to her!)
What is it?

Puffy Pinky
A few days later we had a party at Pump It Up with her friends from school!

Loves to jump!

Anna and her BFF, B.

Most of the crew
While she enjoyed the jumping, she was not so pleased about being the center of attention for the singing and blowing out the candles!

Princess Anna doesn't want your attention!

Pink and purple princess cupcakes. Her favorites!
I think she mostly enjoyed herself, and so did everyone else!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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