Tuesday, May 01, 2012


A while back, I wrote about attachment and hair care. And every time we have done Anna's hair since then, my own advice has echoed in my mind. 

See, hair has always been hard for Anna. There are tears. It's not pretty. No matter if it's me, or John, or Teta, or the ladies at the salon... tears. Not just tears, but crying. Sometimes loudly in protest, but usually quietly, resigned to her fate, hopeless.

Like the tears I have seen silent children cry in orphanages.

We decided enough was enough. Anna wanted long hair. She also wanted to swim every day. And be in any number of sports. And not sit through hours of braiding and take-down every few weeks.

And I didn't want my daughter to cry over her hair anymore, especially at my own hands.

So we researched, talked to our stylist, and decided on Sisterlocks.

Since we wanted to maintain as much of the length as we could, the installation process took about 12 hours (broken up into a few different sessions over 4 days). Here we are about to get started:

Starting the first loc!

Half done on a quarter of her head
She's mad because she can't see the TV:)

Someone knows she's cute!
It took a long time. Thankfully, Anna was great. Popped in a few movies to keep her occupied, and she sat. In fact, everyone remarked that she sat better than adult ladies:) Yay Disney!

While she sat and watched movies, I hung out with Ava Joy. Who slept (sometimes). I admit, I was jealous of her naps.

Here is the finished product, a few days after completion:

The locs take time to mature, and the ends are not locked (they will lock up over time). As they mature, they will take on a fatter then thinner appearance, but should be fairly dainty in the end.

Here's her locs at 2.5 weeks (this past Sunday.) She has another 1.5 weeks to go until she is allowed to get them wet, and she can't wait! The pool is calling (hey, it's 90 degrees here!)!!! She also can't wait to style them and set them in curlers... but for now, headbands and big flowers are keeping her happy. And she constantly tells me that Ava Joy will get locs when she turns 1... ha!

Do you know anyone with locs?


scooping it up said...

this is so great! she's adorable!

Blessed Mommy said...

her hair looks so pretty, and glad she'll be able to swim now!

Heather said...

Grace, I think you may have just saved my life! Mimi is so tender headed, we struggle constantly. I've tried, we tried salons, having someone come to the house etc. This may be the answer. Thanks for postIng. I'll research our area and see if I can find someone who does sisterlocs and I'll get a consultation. I'll let you know what happens.

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