Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Vacation: A Photographic Guide

We've been in PA for the past 2 weeks. By we, I mean the kids and I. John still has to work. So I took all 4 on the plane by myself. It wasn't the first time, and it wasn't that bad.

Smooth sailing once JA fell asleep. He loved looking out the windows.

Anna is a great seat mate. She is quiet and never uses the arm rests.
Stealth photo of Abigail. She was playing with her DS.

Our row. Anna sat on the aisle in the row behind us. I was so proud of her!
And Abigail was awesome about helping with JA, too. 
Guess who didn't really sleep on the plane? Uh-huh.
 Our days are filled with grandparents and great-grandparents, homemade cookies and cupcakes, dog slobber, and allergy medicine.

"Cookie" Grandma... the great-grandma.

Mimi, the grandma who's great.

Baron on the left, Dante on the right. Trouble in the middle.

This girl is drooling like crazy lately.

Spiral staircase= perfect seat and table for a 5 year old.

Sisters are the best friends. Except when they aren't.

Cookie Grandma is the official baby rocker in our family.

Mimi and her babies. Baron loves to nap with the kids!

Sleeping Ava Joy. Sweet baby.

His new pouting pose.

Country life


Prepping for kindergarten

He loves to lounge in the bouncy seat!

My biggest, and the biggest baby (Dante is 21 months old) (and a TANK!)

Baby in the dog bed. But no, he's not sleepy!

The babies chillaxin'



Honestly, it's so beautiful.

I love the country. Except for the part where it smells like, um, "livestock bathrooms"

It was windy and the clouds were amazing


Sneaking a smooch


Bubbles after supper

Floating away!

More summerwork!

Taught the kids to roll down the hill in the back yard


What have you been up to this summer vacation?

(Most of these shots are via Instagram. You can follow me there: gracelings)

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Latoya O'Neall said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

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