Thursday, June 28, 2012

Update: 30 in 30 Challenge

Since many of my 30 in 30 challenges are on-going, monthly challenges, I'm just going to update here and there. I kind of failed at the "social gathering of adults" thing this month (but in all fairness, it was an awful time with end-of-school stuff for the kids, John's massive work project, going out of town, and all our babysitters being out of town.) I will make up for that by attending 2 events in one of the remaining months.

I did do mom-and-me dates with Abigail and Anna though!

Anna and I decided to pick up snack (her choice) and go to the park. Here's what we did:

Beautiful day

Anna's snack choices... Mmm!

Not a fan of the camera, but actually enjoying her snack:)
Feet + Sky = Swinging

"I can do it!"

She made it the whole way across with minimal help!

She later said the slide was burning her butt... ouch!

Rock climbing wall... 

She didn't like this one- said it was like a spider's web!

Getting out of the sun. It got warm!

Abigail and I had an "at-home" date during the babies' nap time (with some assistance from Mimi.) She chose to get a mani/pedi from momma!

So grown up!

Weapons of fingernail distruction

Abigail's tootsies

Her second toe is longer than her big toe, just like mine.

Did I mention that blue is her favorite color?

Fingers done!

She insisted on doing my nails then
The polish peeled right off... so strange!

Repainted in red... which also peeled right off!

It was so fun to spend time with my girls one-on-one. This is probably one of my favorite challenges on the list.

I did manage to sneak in a short date with John before the kids and I headed North for the summer.
We're hott.
We had dinner and then went to see Snow White and the Huntsman, which we both loved.

Have you gone on a date (child, spouse/SO) recently? What did you do?

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Eryka said...

Those look like great dates! Mark and I have really slacked on the intentional dates lately because of moving and house hunting and so forth. But we should get back to dating next week once our lives settle a bit.
Did Abigail's nail polish peel off too? Nail polish doesn't stay put on my nails for very long.

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