Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hoover Dam

Last time, I asked you what you thought the highlight of our Vegas trip was. Let me end the suspense. Far and away, the best part of the trip was Hoover Dam.

I would definitely recommend the trip to the Dam to people of all ages, with the exception of toddlers or young children, unless you can keep them in a carrier or stroller while on the dam. John says I'm morbid, but I kept envisioning one of my babies going over the side. I'm glad Ava Joy was snuggled against me the whole time.

We loved touring the exhibit and learning about the building of the dam.

And you can't beat the scenery.

The intersection of such a naturally breathtaking location with a  monumentally human innovation... it was amazing.

Perhaps most amazing was the way life came out of rock. Where there was nothing, fresh green leaves still found root. What a great reminder: in our hardest places, it's the cracks, the crevices, the breaks that let something new and fresh grow.

Have you been to the Hoover Dam?

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